The Best iPad for the Procreate App: A Guide for Digital Artists

The Best iPad for the Procreate App

If you’re a digital artist looking for the best iPad for Procreate, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at all of the different iPads that are available and help you decide which one is the best for your needs. We’ll also discuss some of the features that are important to artists when it comes to Procreate, so you can be sure to get the most out of your device!

What iPads are available for Procreate?

When it comes to choosing the best iPad for Procreate, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. All iPads that were released after 2015 are compatible with the latest version of Procreate.

First of all, Procreate is a very demanding app, so you’ll need an iPad that can handle its demands. The new iPad Pro is a great option for this, as it has a powerful processor and plenty of RAM.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the iPad Air is also a good choice. It’s not quite as powerful as the Pro, but it’s still a very capable device for anything you might want to do in Procreate.

Another important consideration is the size of your iPad. The procreate app works best on larger screens, so you’ll want to get an iPad with a large display. The new Procreate app supports all iPad models, so you can use it on any size iPad you have.

For the best of the best

The iPad Pro 12.9 inch is the best iPad for digital artists. With a larger screen size to draw on and a huge amount of storage available, it truly is the best option out there.

The processor is extremely powerful, making it perfect for Procreate. It also has a great deal of RAM, so you can keep all of your procreate files and brushes stored on your iPad without any problems.

For the budget-friendly

There are a ton of options for a budget-friendly iPad since all of the Procreate features will work with whatever you’ve got (as long as it was built after 2015). I chose the 64 GB iPad as the perfect budget-friendly iPad. It’s got a lot of storage for all of your Procreate files as well as any other apps you might want to use.

For the one on the go

When you are on the go and you want to easily store your iPad in your bag, then an iPad mini is the way to go. At only 7.9 inches tall and weighing only a pound, this iPad is small but still mighty.

The iPad Mini is the best iPad for digital artists who are on the go. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Plus, it has all the features of a full-sized iPad, so you won’t be sacrificing any power or performance.

Do I need an Apple Pencil for the Procreate app?

If you’re serious about digital art, then the answer is yes! The Apple Pencil is an essential tool for Procreate artists. It’s pressure-sensitive and allows you to create fine details in your artwork. It also has a built-in eraser, so you can easily fix mistakes. Other third-party styluses are not as reliable and do not have pressure sensitivity which is a must with Procreate.

There are two types of Apple pencils: Generation 1 and 2. Generation 1 is an earlier version of the pencil that doesn’t have some features that Generation 2 has. For example, the earlier version doesn’t have a built-in eraser. But it is still a good tool for artists to use.

Another difference is that the Apple pencil generation 1 has a completely round stylus and generation 2 has a flat edge. You can always grab an edged pencil grip for your generation 1 pencil if you prefer that feeling over a round stylus. I really like the Paperlike pencil grips found here or grab one off of Amazon here.

When it comes to drawing capability, both pencils are the same so you won’t miss out on drawing quality.

If you don’t have an Apple Pencil, you can still use Procreate, but your experience will be greatly improved if you have one.

Not sure which Apple Pencil to get? Check out this Apple Pencil compatibility list to make sure you are grabbing the right one for your iPad model.

Important features of Procreate

When it comes to digital art, there are a few other features that are important to consider.

One is the amount of storage space on your iPad. If you plan on saving a lot of artwork, you’ll need an iPad with plenty of storage. Think 64 GB or higher.

Another feature to consider is the display quality. Procreate is a very demanding app, so you’ll want an iPad with a high-resolution display.

And finally, Procreate supports pressure-sensitive styluses, so if you have one, it’s worth considering! (see above for which pencil is compatible with your iPad).


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Now it is up to you to decide which iPad will work best for you and your budget! Are you planning on using the iPad just for Procreate? Are you looking to replace your laptop with an iPad? Take all of this into consideration when choosing which iPad will be best for you.

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