Want to start selling your creative designs but don't know how to get started? I have been there and it is beyond frustrating! I want to help others creatives succeed, so I broke down all the steps you need to get started in taking your unique designs and and put them in a comprehensive course so you can get creating and selling as quickly as possible without all of the headache!


Find all your favorite F&F products here! Earring holders, plant tags, mugs, shirts and so much more!


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Hi, I'm Michelle and I am on a mission to help other creative artists turn their unique designs into beautiful products that they can share with others!

I started drawing on Procreate a few years ago as a hobby and soon after I created a lot of different designs that people fell in love with. I decided to turn those designs into products to share with others! I was very excited about this but I had no clue where to start. After a lot of research from all across the internet, I finally created my designs and set up my online stores on Etsy.


It has been an incredible experience having my own store and watching it grow the past few years but that success didn’t come without some hiccups. Those hiccups are the reason why I created this site and my course. I want to help accelerate other artists journeys and help them avoid the same hiccups that had me stumbling in the beginning! 


Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you find something great here, whether that is my “Procreate to Product” Course to get you started on your own journey or something cute from my Etsy store! Follow me below to stay in touch, there are more courses and designs in the pipeline!


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